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Eastern and Central Europe and FSU




Central Asia:

Central Europe:

Eastern Europe:

Czech national anthem Czech Republic

Basic facts about Czech Republic 

Internet searching tools (search engines, internet guides, etc.)


Basic country information

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Internet searching tools (search engines, directories, etc.)

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Area study centers (teaching and research)

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Associations (professional, non-governmental, international, local)

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Communications (includes Computer and Internet issues)

  • NSRC Czech Republic (information on Internet service providers and telecommunications issues from the Network Startup Resource Center)
  • CESNET (an academic network operator, includes all universities of the Czech republic and the Czech Academy of Sciences; the site has English and Czech versions)
  • Bajt: computer magazine
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Culture, fine arts and entertainment

  • ArtForum (an online gallery of painting, sketches, cartoons, and photographs by Czech artists)
  • Photo Life (an online magazine about the art of photography; in Czech language)
  • Academy of Fine Arts - (the page has both English and Czech versions)
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Current events and media

  • Czech Today (part of Central Europe Online; contains news and country infomation)
  • Czech Happennings (a news server with news from print and radio sources maintained by the Czech News Agency)
  • Prague Daily Report (a news server; in Czech and English)
  • Prague Post (an online magazine)
  • Tyden (a magazine)
  • ABYZ News Links: Czech Republic
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    Economics (incl. business and finances)

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    Geography and travel (incl. cities, maps, transportation, etc.)

    • Maps of Europe (a collection of map images fom the Perry Castaneda Library Collection, University of Texas at Austin; the page contains maps for the Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia)
    • CzechSite Travel Guide (a nonprofit travel guide for trips to Prague and Czech Republic, located in San Francisco and is updated from Prague daily; includes infomration on Czech history and culture)
    • Prague Tourist (intended for persons conidering travel to the Czech Republic, includes travel guides, cultural information, travel articles, and such)
    • My Czech Republic Czech travel, culture, and community. Offers a large Prague guide with sightseeing tours, practical travel information and phrasebook, Czech traditions, personable columns, news, trivia with quizzes, a photo gallery, active message boards, and more. Added 15-Apr-04
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    Health and fitness (incl. medicine, sports, etc.)

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    History (incl. genealogy, etc.)

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    Language (incl. dictionaries)

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    Libraries and archives

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    Literature (incl. books online, publishers and vendors)

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    People (biography)

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    Politics (incl. international relations, military affairs and US policies)

    • Election Server (the site covers the results of the Senate elections from 1996 on and the region councils elections from 2000)
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  • Catholic Church in the Czech Republic (an official server)
  • Czechoslovak Hussite Church  (the site best viewed in Internet Explorer)
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    Science and technology (incl. environmental issues)

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    Social science (incl. human rights, women issues, etc.)

    • Sociological Data Archive (the site contains an online library of computerized data files from sociological syrveys; form the archive of the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences)
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